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Why is dietary illness so prevalent in the U.S.?

Let me preface this by saying that this is entirely based off of my own experiences, and a number of assumptions here will lack the data I would normally want to have back up my arguments, but with a lack of it, I can write only through observation, and what I see is that there is something wrong with our food.

Growing up in New York, no one had gluten allergies, no one was constantly bloated, and no one had to watch what they ate. Some folks had lactose intolerance, but that was about it. Fast forward 20 some odd years, and everywhere you turn someone has some form of food ailment or allergy.

This can’t be normal. In fact this isn’t normal. The moment I leave the US and go to Europe, Asia, Africa, and eat the local food all my dietary ailments end. I eat more, drink more, I lose weight, and don’t get hangovers even though I drink more, and all is good and well, then I come back home to the states and without fail a week later, I’m ill.

So I started thinking, why is that? Am I the only one who has this? Well a few weeks ago a friend was coming back from Europe and she posted on facebook that the same thing happens to her. I then asked a few other friends who travel abroad often, do they have similar reactions, not all of them, but a few do as well.

What is it? Why are we so prone to dietary illness here in the U.S. whereas other developed countries don’t seem to have the same issues? Where does our food come from? How does it get here, is organic really organic, how can we eat well, while keeping costs down, how can we grow things ourselves, indoors, or close to our homes year round. These are just some of the questions I’m planning to uncover as I embark on a this project.

Greener pods is as much an idea, as it will one day be a product, and hopefully a movement. It’s based on the belief that all people should have access to fresh greens and vegetables, and know where they came from, how they were grown, and sourced.

Here I’ll explore various ways to grow greens and veggies in an apartment, share a few easy, good, affordable recipes, I’ll look at some of the current gardening systems on the market, and will even try to build one or two of my own documenting the entire thing. I truly hope you’ll join me on this journey.

There is something wrong with our food.

It’s being covered in poison and then distributed to people in this country for consumption. Look at most flours you buy, they are bleached and enriched. Fine, but what does that mean?

It means that in the U.S. flour is treated with chemicals like chlorine, bromates, and peroxides that aren’t allowed in other places in the world like the European Union. Gluten allergy, think again, could be an allergy to chlorine – a poison.

Want more? The pesticides being used in commercial fruit and vegetable farming that are on most grocery store shelves and slated ok to eat are not. It’s explicitly recommended to pregnant women they don’t eat non-organic fruit and vegetables. Why? Because they’re covered in poisons that detrimentally affect the fetus.

There is something wrong with our food, and we need to stop eating all those things that harm us, and tell others to do the same. Stop buying non-organic.