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Esbenshades Garden Center Plants Review – Online Store

Esbenshades Garden Center Plants Review – Online Store

This review is for the online ordering portion of Esbenshades Garden Center Plants.

I’ve ordered plants on line before, from an Indian rope plant to a Pilea peperomioides that now looks like it’s taken over the window shelf. Both came packaged exceptionally well, and you could see that the person sending them was someone who really cared for the plants’ wellbeing. It’s something that I do, and with the lockdown in NYC and no place to get fresh herbs, I figured I’d buy them online. 

Harder to do than say that’s for sure. My first inclination was to go to Ferry Morse, where I get a lot of my seeds from, they do non-GMO, and organics, and they’re reliable, and I’ll be doing a review on them soon enough. But seeds and plants were sold out until May, and simply put, I didn’t want to wait, so I continued my search elsewhere. 

esbenshades garden center online ordering.

I looked into a couple of other places until finally finding some available plants on Esbenshades, who I’d never heard of before. In any case, they had plants in stock, so I went on my hunt. Found rosemary, thyme, oregano, and was super pleasantly surprised to find they had Tomatillos, so got a plant of those as well. 

Esbenshades garden center plants are available online in April / May 2020 with limited inventory

The order was shipped out pretty quickly, and within 3 days I had a part of it on my front doorstep. After further research, Esbenshades is based out of South Central PA, so not all that far from NYC, but impressive nonetheless. 

After opening the box, though, I was pretty bummed. The plants were not in the best of shape. Earth had spilled all over the box, the tomatillo had a bent stem that I’m now trying to fix using a splint, but need to order grafting tape, otherwise I’m going to wait and see if they perk up 🤞.

Not great, and I’m a little bummed to be completely honest. To be fair, it could be the fault of the FedEx delivery guy, but my suspicion is on Ebonshades. I also bought a bag of organic potting soil that was not packed very well, which makes me suspect them more than the delivery company. Simply because we tend to have excellent experiences with all our delivery folks here. 

I wrote the company a message, see below, and waiting to see what they say. 

message esbenshades garden center

Recommendation: Esbenshades Garden Center Plants seem fine other than the one tomatillo, the delivery was quick even if sent out in multiple packages, but that could have just been the way I ordered. Pricewise, they’re on par with other garden centers, but I don’t know if the products they sell are organic. The packaging was not super great but could have been a fluke, let’s see what customer service has to say about it. 

The ranking is based on a five star (*****) scale.

Delivery: *** Super quick, but take points off for allowing a multiple part option. 
Impact on the wallet: *** Neutral, costs are more or less on par with other garden centers. 
Plants: *** 3/4 came in Ok shape, one in poor shape.

Would I use them again, probably and definitely over a chain, but I would look elsewhere first. But if you really want to start growing, check out Ferry Morse and our review of the Hamama Greens Microgreen Grow Kit.