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Write for Greener Pods, and share your knowledge of nutrition, healthy living, DIY home growing, and indoor food production. We'd love to add you to the family.
Let me write!

Why write for Greener Pods

Our goal is to put fresh healthy sustainably grown greens on every family’s table, and to do that we need your help. We’d love for you to contribute content on Greener Pods, from healthy recipes, to DIY tips on how to make our environment a better place, and tips on how to grow at food at home, or even keep bees and raise chickens. We’d love for you to think of Greener Pods as your space to share your best practices about healthy living.

You’ll become an integral part of a movement that’s helping raise awarness about our food, while informing and helping people around the world eat better.

It’s understanding to respect the food we put into our bodies and where it comes from, it’s taking an active part in that process.

Don’t want to write, but still love what we’re doing?

You can help support Greener Pods by donating to our experiments. Building at home grow devices costs money, and we’d love to do this full time. By donating you’ll help us realize our goals quicker, and we’ll be open sourcing the majority of our findings so that any one can build their own grow boxes, shelves, etc. from scratch.

Contirbutor & Writing Info

Most of our contributors are hobbyists to semi-professionals in their space on one or more of the subjects we cover. We’re looking for gardeners, urban farmers, DIY folks, software engineers, plant moms, indoor farmers, and you. Our contributors provide thoughtful commentary on a range of topics. It’s recommended that you spend time reading through the site to get an idea of the type of stories we

publish. So if you have something insightful you would like to share with the readers who visit Greener Pods each month, you’re welcome to submit a final draft of your piece to our team, and if we love your writing, we’ll give you contributor access to the site.

Write us to become a contributor.

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